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Ask the poet

Over the course of the last 33 years of writing poetry, I have been asked a great many questions about the poetry and my involvement in it. Quite often the same questions crop up, so I have decided to share a few of the more popular ones here.

“ What made you start writing poetry?”

This was a complete accident, although a happy one. During an English class at school the teacher suggested we either write a short story or a poem. My short comedy effort seemed to please him, and I was dragged up to read it before the rest of the class. I received a round of applause and that spurred me on to write for the amusement of my class mates, I never looked back.

“Who influenced you most?”

Both my Mother and Father read and wrote poetry as a hobby, they often read me extracts as a young boy, and I think that is when my fascination with rhyme and meter started. Further influences came from Spike Milligan, Roger Mc Gough, and Pam Ayres. I did however also sample the classics, but comedy remained the key for me.

“What is your ambition?”

My major ambition has always been to have a copy of a book with my poetry on my bookshelf. I achieved this in 2006 with my first collection and have been encouraged by the response to it. I self published and although it was a risky business I felt that it was worth at least one chance, and the results have proved that, However I would advise anyone to only have a short run first to test the water.

Why do you write poetry?

For me, poetry has always been a way of putting my thoughts in order, helping me to understand myself and make sense of this insane world we live in. I write to give others pleasure and happiness, and also to chronicle my life and thoughts into easily managed script. In essence poetry is not something I do, more it is a part of me, an instinct, a need, I suppose some might say, a gift?