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" Oyez! Oyez! gather round one and all!"

If you have a school, club or association, who might like me to come and give a recital for them, then why not e-mail me, I am always open to suggestions. I try to make the occasion memorable and fun! Whilst this applies mainly to the UK, I will consider international events......Just as long as you are paying!


100th copy of 'On Your Guard'


It was with a great deal of pleasure that I handed the hundreth copy of my railway memoir 'On Your Guard' to my good friend and colleague Charlie Cannons. We started on the railway on the same day 23 years ago and have remained friends ever since. Charlie insisted that he buy number 100 when the time came, to mark that milestone in our friendship. Here we are photographed at Portsmouth Harbour.

Portsmouth Cinema club awards



It gave me a great deal of pleasure to be one of the judges at the Portsmouth Cinema club awards. So many talented film makers, with a variety of topics and styles. I even got the chance to present the awards to the worthy winners. Here Alan Wallbank receives his 'Best Film' award, for a stunning documentry filmed in Cuba. I would just like to thank the club members for their kindness and hospitality on the evening.




New Zealand 2008


The Subject of my book, 'A Taste of Feijoa', my trip to New Zealand to meet Poet Sasha Walker has been well documented. A truly life changing experience. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Sasha and her Family for their kindness and also the staff at Fernz Motor lodge, who made my stay in the chalet so very comfortable.






'The Pump house' Lake Pupuke, North Shore.   




'The Tui' Chalet No2 at Fernz Motor Lodge,



Pittsburgh 2012.

During September I ventured once more across the Atlantic to the 'City of steel,' Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Such a stunning city in so many ways. From the historic 'Inclines' up mount Washington, to the modern arcitecture of the city's office blocks, Pittsburgh has plenty to see and for a writer,plenty to inspire the muse. Once more the American people made me most welcome.In the coming weeks I will feature some of the poetry that came out of that visit and share my journeys with you here.


         The skyline over Pittsburgh



    Duquesne (Du-cane) Incline